Sunday, September 30, 2007


2987 miles
11 days
5 states
100 blog entries

Put that together and it turns into one of the most memorable vacations Jeana and I have ever taken. From the hippy in Stinson Beach that told me "I moved here 17 years ago looking for drugs, and never left" to the beauty of Monterey Bay, to the eerie dark night and sparkling stars of the Nevada desert. We had a wonderful experience that we will never forget.

Thanks to all of you, family and friends, who followed us along this wonderful trip. Now the planning of Hernandez Road Trip '08 begins!

See you on the road
Willy & Jeana

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Shoes shoes and more shoes

Changing shoes in the hotel parking lot...again.

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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Green River part deux

Our first meal of the trip was a suckfest at Green River Utah. Our last stay of our trip will be in Green River Utah...let's see if the nights stay is better than the food.

I noticed the sign outside of our room says "comfort inn". We're staying in a holiday inn and i haven't seen a comfort inn around town.

One final thing. Our room number is 229 our room number in monterey was 2229. My parents house number is 229. Someone play those numbers, quick.

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Lookie, it's snowing

Still in utah

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In the past four days we have traveled from western california to central utah and have not set our wheels on any interstate....until now. For the final stretch home we'll hop on 70.

Btw, it's snowing.

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Sand dunes

We came across these sand dunes on Utah's Hwy 50.

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Hey look

More desert.

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Almost out of gas

This is the only gas station for 200 miles. Check out the olde tyme has no digital readout! Craaazy...How do these hilbilly's function?

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Desert Highway

US6 to Ely stretches along for hundreds of miles with a whole lot of nothing in between.

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Desert Highway

US6 to Ely stretches along for hundreds of miles with a whole lot of nothing in between.

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This is prime alien abduction area.

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Friday, September 28, 2007

Tonopah, Nevada

We crossed into the silver state at 7:30 Friday pm. The lights in the distance are Tonopah, where we'll spend the night.

Cell service has been sporadic at best. I can get web access but can't send messages. I'm not sure if it's my mail server or cell service.

I'll leave the messages in my outbox. Hopefully they'll go out tonight, but they may not go out in order

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In the valley

From the valley looking up.

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More from the valley

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One guy looks up, they all look up..

...crazy French.

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Bridal Veil Falls

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Yosemite National Park

Is it pronounced:
Yo se might
Yo se metee
Yo say mitee
Or a combination of all?

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Change of plans

I got some food and coffee in my gullet...feel waaay better.

We will be by-passing Sacramento, sorry Sonny but the whole sac town reference just weirded me out.

We will make our way east to Yosemite then cut across Nevada...thanks to Albert for the suggestion. We'll be out of cell phone range for a while so I'll post when we're back in civilazation.

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Stupid free beer

Oow...California and its evil free beer....i'll never drink again.

The picture is what the world looks like through me eyes right now.

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Free grub!

Don't know her name but she's the manager of Tolai, the restaurant in the Sheridan in Petaluma. Not only did she pay for our drinks and desert because our meal was slow in arriving, she also did not charge us for one of the entree's. Honestly, the food did not take that long to arrive...but keep your yapper shut.

Service like this is hard to find. If you're in the area, be sure to stay in the Sheraton.

And there's more....we got free detergent when we did our laundry!

I lof america

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The manager just told us that our food will be late. As a consolitation prize we get free ALCOHOL for the night! Dang it, i'm drinking cheap ass bud light!

More pictures after the night os through.

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The world is spinning

Drunk at dinner....well....not really drunk. She only had one glass of wine.
Sonny - I will never eat anything at a place called "sac town". If anyone needs clarification, grow a pair.
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Our trip up PCH has ended. Now we begin our trek inland and back east.

We'll spend the night in Petaluma. The picture is of Petaluma marina, which I can't quite figure out since Petaluma is inland and I don't know of any big lakes in the area.

Tomorrow we'll pass through Sacramento on our way to Salt Lake City.

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Bridge? Where!

There's a big red bridge in that fog.

But right now it's windy as hell and cold as shit so ONWARD HO!

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Crossing the Golden Gate bridge

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Lunch II

Bacon with bagle in El Granada, California. Half hour from S.F.

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Fruit stand

Today's lunch brought to you by Fambrini's produce.

A fruit and vegetable stand on the side of the road north of Santa Cruz. It was tasty but it lacked bacon. Lunch II will be coming up shortly.

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Corre, la migra!!

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This is the actual pickup and camper, not a replica, Steinbeck took on his trip across America in "travels with Charley".

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The national Steinbeck center.

I'm a fan of the writer.

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The lone cypress

Sitting on it's perch for about 250 years, the lone cypress is the symbol of the Pebble Beach company.

The tree has been secured by cabling to help it last another 250 years.

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As we started our route on 17 mile drive the fog rolled in. This picture is of "the restless sea" one of the vantage points of the route.

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Final morning in Monterey

Our final breakfast in Montery. We planned on staying one night but liked the area so much we extended our stay for three days.

After breakfast we head south to Pebble Beach and take in the scenic 17 mile drive.

After Pebble Beach it's up the road to Salinas and the Steinbeck museum

The picture is Starbucks on Cannery Row.

I'll check back in later.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Do i look green?

I should, since i puked by guts out on that stupid non-motorized POS paddling plastic toy that's called a kayak.

The picture is Jeana's failed attempt at humor.

Yeah sure, we saw seals, otters, jellie fish as big as a yugo. But you know what really got to me...the seals.

They're cute and all but they stink! After two whifs of seal stink i upchucked breakfast.

Considering my maritime backgroung i'm never going to live this down.

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We're about to take off on our kayak adventure. Since we'll be on the water i will not be taking any cameras or the phone so this is all you get...hehehe

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I peed here.

I was thinking that someone should make a cofee table book of good pee spots around the world.

Although this spot wasn't particlularly great, i really had to go so it was a great spot for me.

Maybe the folks that published the OJ book can publish this one.

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We slept in, had a late breakfast, and now we're walking around Pacific Grove. A small town next to Monterey.

We have rented sea kayaks and will tour the bay later this morning.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Wax museum

Biggest waste of $17, EVER. This was a 1 minute walk through manequins with bad wigs.

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...Seal bacon

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Oooh yeah...

...sun feeeels sooo goood

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Seals sunnig on fisherman's wharf

They're no more than 10 feet from me as I walk along the pier.

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Best food of the trip

We had lunch at Mexi-Cali grill, a small mexican place near downtow Monterey, a stones throw from the bay.

Without a doubt this was the best meal of the trip. The taco shells are made on the premises and have a flaky crust that is indescribably delicious. It's similar to a pastry crust but without the sweet flavor

The owner, Miguel, is pictured.

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Monteray Bay Aquarium

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Watching the fish

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